You can't stop falling

Just when you least expected... just what you least expect.
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I'm off to Beaverfest for a couple of days. My in-laws are from center-southern Utah, and I'm being introduced to the whole show starting tomorrow.

I'm a little apprehensive... Beaver is a place you gas up when driving from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas.

Positive thoughts will help me prevail. That and a lot of patience, and a laptop, and an MP3 player, and a Game Boy Advance, and you get the picture.

Hell Week

Once in a while, and I should admit far less often this year than years passed I come up against THAT deadline. It drives me insane when I do this. I think a 2 week iteration will defeat this habit.

I was home rather early last night and didn't touch any of my other projects. Hell Week has a way of manipulating me to the point that if I sit down at a machine I just think that I should be working on work... so it's avoided.

Monday it should all just be a bad dream ended. Here's hoping.
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Another day... another day...

Well is coming along nicely. I'm digging working on Wikid. It's about ready to start into phase 2. We'll see how that turns out here in the next few weeks. Right now the focus is on product for the day job. Day job... guys like us shouldn't be slaving for the man... especially when the man takes away a substantial amount of the pie.

Snackers... phooey.
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